The Utilization of Social Media in the Hearing Aid Community

Choudhury, M. et al. (2017) American Journal of Audiology. Vol. 26(3) pp. 1-9

Image source: mkhmarketing – Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Purpose: This study investigated the utilization of social media by the hearing aid (HA) community. The purpose of this survey was to analyze the participation of HA community in the social media websites.

Conclusions: HA users, other individuals, and organizations interested in HAs leave their digital footprint on a wide variety of social media sources. The community connects, offers support, and shares information on a variety of HA-related issues. The HA community is as active in social media utilization as other groups, such as the cochlear implant community, even though the patterns of their social media use are different because of their unique needs.

Read the abstract here


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