Hearing and vestibular rehabilitation, with a focus on the elderly

Fisher, E. et al. (2017) The Journal of Laryngology & Otology. 131(3) p. 189

The increasing proportion of our patients in the ‘elderly’ age group in the developed world has effects on ENT as well as every other branch of medicine. In The Journal of Laryngology & Otology in the recent past, we have looked at a variety of topics of particular interest to the otolaryngologist and geriatrician, including pharyngeal pouch, vestibular dysfunction and presbyacusis and cochlear implantation.

In this issue, an auditory brainstem response study focuses on the mechanism of hearing difficulty in the elderly, especially in noisy surroundings, comparing the elderly and young adults. This revealed significantly lower amplitudes and increased latencies in brainstem responses in the elderly, indicating that subcortical mechanisms are involved in this deficiency

Readthe full editorial here


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