Promoting global action on hearing loss: World Hearing Day

Chadha, S. & Cieza, A. International Journal of Audiology. Published online: 23 February 2017

Image source: WHO

The growing need for hearing care and a general lack of policies to address it poses a significant public health challenge. The World Health Organization aims to address this through evidence-based advocacy along with technical support to countries in provision of hearing care.

As part of its activities, WHO is promoting the World Hearing Day which is observed on 3rd March every year. The day is marked by an annual theme and release of information products and key messages. Through this, we aim to raise awareness and promote actions for ear and hearing care across the world. A large number of individuals, organisations and governments have joined this effort in order to advocate for prioritisation of hearing care.

The theme for 2017 will focus on economic aspects of hearing loss and the cost effectiveness of interventions to reduce its prevalence and impact. WHO invites all stakeholders in the field of ear and hearing care to undertake activities to mark this day and join this global initiative.

Read the full abstract here

Learn more about World Hearing Day here


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