The effects of surgery type and different ossiculoplasty materials on the hearing results in cholesteatoma surgery

Şevik Eliçora, S. et al. (2017) European Archives of Otorhinolaryngol. 274(2) pp. 773–780

To investigate the effects of surgery type [intact canal wall (ICW) or canal wall down (CWD) mastoidectomy] and different ossiculoplasty materials on hearing outcome in single-staged cholesteatoma surgery.

Although the use of the malleus as an APORP was found to be less effective than other autografts, the degree of advantage of using the incus, malleus, cortical bone, and cartilage did not significantly differ between materials (p = 0.152). Despite the effects of the incus, malleus, and cortical bone not differing in terms of the postoperative ABG (p = 0.160), incus usage was highly beneficial for hearing gain (p = 0.009). Despite CWD tympanoplasty affecting all frequencies, it has a particularly negative effect on the hearing threshold at 1000 Hz. In patients with partial ossicular replacement, autogenous grafts are more successful in restoring hearing at high frequencies, particularly at 4000 Hz. Although autogenous materials do not differ in terms of partial replacement effectiveness, the incus has been shown to be most effective for total replacement.

Read the full abstract here


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