EAONO/JOS Joint Consensus Statements on the Definitions, Classification and Staging of Middle Ear Cholesteatoma

Yung, M. et al. The Journal of International Advanced Otology. Published online: January 2017

Image source: advancedotology.org

The European Academy of Otology and Neurotology (EAONO) has previously published a consensus document on the definitions and classification of cholesteatoma. It was based on the Delphi consensus methodology involving the broad EAONO membership. At the same time, the Japanese Otological Society (JOS) had been working independently on the “Classification and Staging of Cholesteatoma.” EAONO and JOS then decided to collaborate and produce a joint consensus document.

The EAONO/JOS joint consensus on “Definitions, Classification and Staging of Middle Ear Cholesteatoma” was formally presented at the 10th International Conference on Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery in Edinburgh, June 5–8, 2016. The international otology community who attended the consensus session was given the chance to debate and give their support or disapproval. The statements on the “Definitions of Cholesteatoma” received 89% approval. The “Classification of Cholesteatoma” received almost universal approval (98%). The “EAONO/JOS Staging System on Middle Ear Cholesteatoma” had a majority of approval (75%).

Some international otologists wanted to see more prognostic factors being incorporated in the staging system. In response to this, the EAONO/JOS steering group plans to set up an “International Otology Outcome Working Group” to work on a minimum common otology data set that the international otology community can use to evaluate their surgical outcome. This will generate a large database and help identify relevant prognostic factors that can be incorporated into the staging system in future revisions.

Read the full article here


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