Taste disturbance after stapes surgery

Holm, K.B. et al. (2017) Acta Oto-Laryngologica. 137(1) pp. 39-43


Objectives: Patients operated on for otosclerosis seem more often to complain about post-operative taste disturbance than those operated on for chronic otitis media, although the chorda tympani nerve more seldom becomes maltreated in stapedotomy. These observations seem paradoxical. It is unclear to what extent a post-operative taste disturbance affects the quality-of-life. This study aims to shed light on the occurrence of post-operative taste disturbances, on possible prognostic factors, and to what extent post-operative taste disturbance impairs the quality-of-life.

Conclusion: The incidence of taste disturbance after stapes surgery is high (61.9%), whereas the majority (94.8%) recovers within 1 year. More severe surgical nerve trauma caused more disturbance, implying that the nerve should be handled carefully during surgery.

Read the full abstract here



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