A Cure for Congenital Hearing Loss

Kazusaku Kamiya, MD, PhD, and his colleagues replicated cochlear cells that could potentially be used to replace faulty ones | The Hearing Journal

B0002149 Section through human cochlea
Image source: Prof. Andrew Forge – Wellcome Images // CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Image shows light microscope section through human cochlea.

The researchers from Jutendo University in Tokyo, Japan, produced induced pluripotent stem cells aimed at correcting this inherited condition, which causes disruption of gap junction plaques in the cochlea and leads to profound sensorineural hearing loss. They demonstrated in a mouse model that the stem-cell-derived gap junction cells were functional for forming gap junction intercellular communication networks and transient ion species typical of the developing cochlea. The authors of the study hoped the in vitrol models could be used to develop inner-ear therapies and drug screening that target GJB2-related hearing loss.

Read the full overview here

Read the original research article here


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