Online and Mobile Audiology Screenings Gain Market Recognition

Hocevar, R. (2016) Hearing Journal. 69 (9). pp.26-30


As audiological testing websites and apps become more sophisticated, it’s increasingly apparent that patients are using their smartphones for far more than catching Pokemon.


More screening apps may be on the way.

Sound Scouts, an online app for parents to detect hearing problems in an early elementary school-age child, entered the market in 2016. Sound Scouts was developed in collaboration between NAL and CMee4 Productions to diagnose hearing difficulty before a child enters school.

Intended to imitate a game, Sound Scouts features a bionic-eared dog named Patch, who uses his exceptional hearing powers to find a missing ranger in a national park. To play this game, children aged 4 years and 7 months and older are instructed to use almost any earphones–except surround sound or gaming headphones–under adult supervision. Dillon notes that the test is designed to work with headphones that are not calibrated. The adult in charge is instructed to watch a pre-game video, then do a short reference test using both ears at once.

Read the full article here


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