Affordable headphones for accessible screening audiometry: An evaluation of the Sennheiser HD202 II supra-aural headphone

Van der Aerschot, M. et al. International Journal of Audiology. Published online: 17 August 2016


Objective: Evaluation of the Sennheiser HD 202 II supra-aural headphones as an alternative headphone to enable more affordable hearing screening.

Design: Study 1 measured the equivalent threshold sound pressure levels (ETSPL) of the Sennheiser HD 202 II. Study 2 evaluated the attenuation of the headphones. Study 3 determined headphone characteristics by analyzing the total harmonic distortion (THD), frequency response and force of the headband.

Study sample: Twenty-five participants were included in study 1 and 15 in study 2 with ages ranging between 18 and 25. No participants were involved in study 3.

Results: The Sennheiser HD 202 II ETSPLs (250–16000 Hz) showed no significant effects on ETSPL for ear laterality, gender or age. Attenuation was not significantly different (p > 0.01) to TDH 39 except at 8000 Hz (p < 0.01). Maximum permissible ambient noise levels (MPANL) were specified accordingly. The force of the headband was 3.1N. THD measurements showed that between 500 and 8000 Hz intensities of 90 dB HL and higher can be reached without THD >3%.

Conclusion: Sennheiser HD 202 II supra-aural headphones can be used as an affordable headphone for screening audiometry provided reported MPANLs, maximum intensities and ETSPL values are employed.

Read the abstract here


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