Primary Care Physicians as Partners in Hearing Health Care

Weinstein, B. Hearing Journal. July 2016. 69(7) pp. 20,21


Older adults with multimorbidity often consult their primary care providers (PCPs), making these health care professionals some of the most important stakeholders in the quality enterprise. There is a movement afoot in geriatric medicine for a single point of contact to whom the patient will turn, for example, with a simple question: “Who shall I see so I can remain connected to my family and friends?”

A recent report by Desai et al. revealed that rather than “shopping” for a health care provider based on cost, older adults prefer to proceed with referrals from their doctors (JAMA 2016;315[17]:1874). When considering health care provider recommendations, patients put a premium on the relationship with their doctor and the emphasis placed on outcomes. Out-of-pocket expenditures are oftentimes considered a secondary concern

Read the full article here


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