SoundSpaceOnline – The “go-to” place for online information, resources and learning about hearing loss

The Ear Foundation.

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Hearing loss has a huge, unseen impact on communication, whether in childhood or in adulthood. Today’s technology can transform this, but all too often good quality information is hard to find or hardly available. In 2005, Hesse et al. found that 49% of 6000 adults surveyed reported seeking health related information from the internet first. This number would be expected to be higher in 2014. Recently, Laplante-Lévesque et al. (2012) found that the quality and readability of internet information on hearing loss seems to be highly variable.

That’s where SoundSpace Online comes in, bringing together the wide range of information and practical resources available on hearing loss, its impact on the lives of deaf children, young people and adults and its management. SoundSpace Online (in development):

  • Is a comprehensive resource for all those concerned with issues and questions of hearing loss in a range of areas, including medicine, audiology, education, linguistics, psychology and many areas of science;
  • Provides information to ensure those with hearing loss and their families can find the latest technology and services to support them;
  • Is evidence-based, containing the latest research information;
  • Has contributors who are international leaders in their fields.

Who will be able to use this site?

  • Those with hearing loss;
  • Parents, caregivers and friends;
  • Those working with those with hearing loss and their families including audiologists, teachers, speech and language therapists, researchers, otologists, ENT specialists, social workers for the deaf, psychologists, classroom assistants;
  • Non-specialists, including policy makers, administrators and funders of services;
  • Anyone else interested to learn about hearing loss.

Read the full introduction here

View the website here


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